Dr. Fortune Omasirichi Sam-Eleyi

Dr. Fortune Omasirichi Sam-Eleyi is a Senior Lecturer

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS                                                     

Ph.D (Business Education) Rivers State University                       

M.Ed (Business Education) Rivers State University                      

B.Ed. (Secretarial Studies) Rivers State College of Education       

Senior Secondary Certificate Education (SSCE)                            

First School Leaving Certificate (FSCL)                                         

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES  Bachelor of Education (B.Ed. Degree) – Secretarial Studies 

Leadership styles of managers and Secretary – Boss Relationship. An unpublished (B.Ed) project work. Rivers State College of Education, Port Harcourt, (Now Ignatius Ajuru

University of Education) Department of Secretarial Studies. Faculty of Management Sciences.  2001

Masters in Education (M.Ed Degree) Business Education

Gender consideration and job performance of Secretaries in Institutions of higher learning in

Port Harcourt. An unpublished (M.Ed) Thesis, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Department of Business Education, Faculty of Technical & Science Education. 2010

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Business Education  Capacity Development and Job Productivity of Business Education Lecturers in State- Owned Universities in South-South Region Nigeria. Department of Business Education, Faculty of Education, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.


Member – Faculty Welfare Committee                              Member – Departmental Result Computation Committee                      

Member – Faculty of Management Sciences Journal Publication Committee

Member – Faculty Research and Development Committee                                 



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Research, A publication of the Federal University, Otueke. ISSN: 2536-782x, 9(3), 11-21

  1. Sam-Eleyi, F. O. & Iweyah, A. (2022). Social Skills and Marital Satisfaction of Business Educators in Tertiary Institutions in Rivers State.
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Management and Technology Graduates to diversify. Journal of Research and Development Studies, 5(2)

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Tool for Teaching and Learning. Association of Business Educators of Nigeria: Conference Proceedings, 312-317

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Journal of Management and Social Sciences (DJMSS), 7(1), 79-88

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  2. Obindah, F. & Sam-Eleyi, F. O (2014) Dynamics of the Secretarial Profession and Job Opportunities. West African Journal of Business Management Science. (Special Edition), 3(1a), 197-202 



B.ED 228

Computer Appreciation (NCE) III                               



BES 327

Word Process – (NCE) III                                           



BUS 314

Industrial Relations E.Ed (Regular)                          



SEC 222

Word processing (sec.Skills) B.ED I (Regular)           



SEC 122

Introduction to Typewriting (25wpm) B.Ed (Sandwich)



B.ED 316

Shorthand III (NCE) (Sandwich)                                



SEC 122

Keyboarding/Typewriting (Regular)                           



PROFESSIONAL BODIES MEMBERSHIP                                               

Member Academic staff Union of Nigeria Universities (ASUU)                  

Member Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN)                 

PROFESSIONAL BODIES MEMBERSHIP                                               

Member Academic staff Union of Nigeria Universities (ASUU)                  

Member Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN)