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Government Agencies at all levels, mental health professionals and other stakeholders have been called upon to harness their resources to attend to the grave consequences of psychological trauma associated with frustration and depression.
Former Acting Vice-Chancellor of IAUE Professor Joseph Kinanee made the call while delivering the tenth inaugural lecture of the university which held on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at the university auditorium. 
He observed that the mental health of people is one of the aspects of health that people fail to give attention to out of ignorance and that it becomes a subject of consideration only when the situation has gone out of control, that is when symptoms of a serious mental disorder starts manifesting. 
The current Chairman of the Governing Board, Institute of Professional Studies (Business School and Maritime Studies) noted that Nigeria and others around the world are experiencing problems of psychological disorder reportedly assuming epidemic proportions, emphasizing that the current socioeconomic, political and security challenges are grossing having a negative toll on people's lives including their mental health. 
He stressed that people are undergoing so much trauma due to frustrating experiences they are exposed to with a lot of mental health implications like depression.
The Professor of counselling psychology informed his audience that the World Health Organization ( WHO) estimated that 4% of Nigerians suffer from depression with not much attention given to the situation because those who visibly suffer from serious psychological disorders are largely stigmatized, discriminated, labelled crazy, publicly beaten and deprived of rights essential to dignified living. Depression according to him leads to suicide with suicidal acts on the increase in Nigeria cutting across gender, age, educational barriers and other socio demographic variables with the youths as the major vulnerable group. The youths he said constitutes a significant part of the Nigerian population and by the nature of their socio psychological characteristics are often afflicted with much worries about their career education, marriage and the future.
He therefore called on all concerned to joins hands to find solution to and seek ways to prevent the mental health challenges being faced by a significant proportion of the Nigerian population.

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