Department of Physics



Physics is a fundamental natural science discipline that studies the physical processes of the universe. It is based on natural laws and the results of experiments. A well thought out programme of the study of Physics with Education is of great necessity for a proper foundation for natural and applied science students. The programme is designed to lay a solid foundation for studies of specialized areas of Physics and Science Education. The contents of the programme encourage both theoretical and practical approaches. To ensure the achievement of the main objectives of the programme, students are encouraged through guidance and counselling. The approach enables students to properly utilize their academic aptitude. The graduates of our Physics education programme will enjoy the patronage of our secondary schools and industries. The Department also intends to run post graduate programmes in the future.



The Physics curriculum is designed to train Physicists, efficient and qualified graduate teachers capable of teaching Physics at Secondary school evel and above, who would be knowledgeable and highly motivated to train other people in both applied and natural sciences. The programme is further designed to develop confidence in Physics teachers, enhance their capacity to adapt and confront challenges of emerging trends in a technological and global society.



The objectives of the Physics programme are:

  • To train professional Physics teachers for competency on their job and capable of developing inquiring and creative minds in teaching at different levels of Post Primary Educational Institutions.
  • To produce teachers who are motivated, diligent, conscientious and efficient in the use of appropriate teaching strategies at all levels of Primary and Post Primary Educational Institutions.
  • To train well-equipped Physics teachers with capacity to pursue higher degrees either in Physics or Physics Education.


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