Department of Integrated Science


The department of integrated Science was established as an autonomous and full pledged department in 1985/1986 session. Prior to this period; the department had existed as a unit of primary education at the St John's campus of the College and trains NCE teachers in the following combinations:

  1. Integrated Science/Chemistry
  2. Integrated Science/Mathematics
  3. Integrated Science/Biology
  4. Integrated Science/Physics
  5. Integrated Science/Geography
  6. Integrated Science/Primary Education
  7. Integrated Science/Computer Science.

The department started a B.Ed. programme in 1992 and turned out the first graduate in 1995.


The philosophy of the Department of Integrated Science under the Integrated Science Education Programme (B.Sc. Ed) includes among others:


To train professional integrated science teachers and teacher trainers at the Bachelor's degree level; adequately motivated and equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills, methods and attitude to cultivate inquiring, knowing and rational minds for the conduct of good life in order to;

  • Produce teachers who shall provide knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the physical world, the forms and the conducts of life at the basic education level.
  • Produce professional Integrated Science Teachers for national development.
  • Prepare teachers who will service studies in Science and Technology and technological development


The objectives of the programme include:

  1. Enabling students gain the concept of the fundamental unity of science.
  2. Instilling in the students commonality of approach to problems of a scientific nature.
  3. Increasing students understanding of the role and functions of science in everyday life and in the world in which they live.
  4. Making students well informed and scientifically literate.
  5. Enabling students acquire and demonstrate the intellectual competence and professional skills necessary to the teaching of integrated science in primary and junior secondary schools, as an inquiry based subject in conformity with the national curriculum.
  6. Developing in students, the ability to impart and encourage their spirit of inquiry into living and non-living things and energy changes in the environment.
  7. Developing the ability and motivation in students to work and think in an independent manner.
  8. Enabling students carry out scientific investigations, emphasizing cooperation, development of appropriate scientific processes and skills and improving their writing and oral communications skills.


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