Department of Human Kinetics, Health & Safety Education


The Physical and Health Education Department was established in 1971 with Late Dr. EJ Chu as the only staff for the programme. Since he could not teach all the courses alone, the college relied on part time teachers to help run the programme. Those who featured as part-time lecturers were: Mr. R.O Viator, Mr. S.G Eben-Spiff and all were of the then Rivers State Sport Council and Mr. M Osujih, then an Education Officer Grade 11 at the Federal Government College Port Harcourt.

Initially there was no Physical and Health Education examination. The combinations offered were Physical Education/Biology, Physical Education/ Geography. Physical and Health Education combination was introduced in 1975 when Mr. R.O Viator and Mr. Michael Osuijih joined the College as permanent members of staff.

The purpose of the Department is to train Physical and Health Education personnel, to train teachers at the various teacher training colleges in the state in particular and Nigeria. The Department was involved in the initial degree awarding programme at the upgrading of the institutions to a degree awarding institution in 1981/1982 session

The Department later changed its name from Physical and Health Education to the present name Human Kinetics, Health and Safest, Education. The objectives slightly changed given rise to the present philosophy.



The philosophy of Human Kinetics, Health and Safety Education department is to produce competent professional needed for teaching, coaching and performance of jobs in sport, Physical and Health Education and Recreation in secondary schools, higher institutions of learning, sport councils, sport commissions and such related organization. The department also mount programmes geared towards the promotion of general fitness for students, staff and society in general



The objectives of Human Kinetics, Health and Safety Education are to:

  1. produce teachers who can inculcate and promote sound health attitude through practical at the post primary institution
  2. Produce teachers who can organise and administer sports programmes (both intramural and extramural) at post primary institutions.
  3. Initiate and sustain community health programmes, apply scientific skills and knowledge gained through the study to solve day to day problems.
  4. Observe and explore the physical, biological and social environment with the intent to effecting the necessary changes to make them healthful and habitable.
  5. Demonstrate convincing enthusiasm and intellectual ability for further studies in Human Kinetics Health and Safety Education and allied discipline. 6. Develop skills and competence in the area of in Human Kinetics Health and Safety Education with capabilities to interpret data, formulate and test hypothesis.
  6. Demonstrate convincing abilities to initiate and sustain researches in Human Kinetics, Health and Safety Education and allied discipline.
  7. Make rational judgement based on the understanding of methods in science


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