Department of Computer Science Education


At its inception far back in 1971, Rivers State College of Education did not have a department of computer science. This was not then an omission. The subject had then not made its way down from the tertiary levels of education to the primary or secondary education levels. It can easily be verified from the history of computers and computing that computer science as a formal education discipline remained active only in the tertiary realms of education practically through the first half of the 20th century (i.e. Up to and right through the 1940s)! However, in Nigeria, and beginning especially with the thoughts and the corresponding moves which had led to the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme and the consequent school curricular reforms, serious considerations were given to school level computer science.

The early years of the 21st century were particularly marked with intensive moves to introduce computer studies at least into the Nigeria primary and secondary school curricula. In particular, the national agencies regulating formal education at the various levels (such as FME, NERDC, NUC, NBTE and NCCE) all effectively contributed in the period, 2000-2003, to the curriculum reform debates which culminated in the introduction of computer science into the programme curricula of all university degrees of bachelor, polytechnic diploma programmes, and college certificate programmes like the NCE. Then, most happily, in 2002, official circular letters were issued to the institutions concerned, directing the introduction of General Studies (GS) courses in computer science at least, as a matter of urgency. The reason was given that it was from then required of every tertiary educational institution to produce and turn out only graduates who had been taken through one or more general studies courses in computer science, and who hopefully then had picked up a good working blend of knowledge and practical competencies in computer applications.

In February 2002, Academic Board of RSCOE took the decision to establish a department of computer science. The problem was then how best to get foundation staff members to start up the new department in an institution which was devoid of computer Science graduate staff. The college could not, of course, immediately run ahead of government to recruit computer science graduates so the urgent stop-gap measure taken was to pick out and redeploy the following five lecturers from four closely allied departments to start up the Department of Computer Science Education (DOCSE) of Rivers State College of Education.


Philosophy of the Department of Computer Science Education

The Curriculum is designed to produce Computer scientists who are to train other people both in theory and practical of computer science. The programme is also designed to develop confidence in the computer teachers that will enhance their abilities to adapt to rapidly changing situations in a scientifically and technologically oriented global society.


Objectives of Computer Science Education

The objectives of the Course are:

  1. To produce graduates who are very conversant with theories, principles and applications of computers so that they could be thoroughly resourceful, adaptive and innovative in their latter employment whether in the field of computer research in the university or teaching in schools or in the industry or on their own.
  2. To produce competent and highly knowledgeable computer teachers at all levels of education.
  3. To produce graduates (teachers) who will be able to undertake installations, repairs and maintenance of computer systems.
  4. To produce computer teachers who will be able to motivate students' interest in computer through the use of appropriate teaching strategies at all levels of education.
  5. To produce graduates who will be well equipped to proceed for higher degrees in Computer Science or Computer Education.
  6. To produce teachers that can organize short term programmes in:
    • Computer Operations
    • Diploma and Certificate Courses in Computer studies
    • Diploma in Computer Repairs and Maintenance.


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