Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry started at the inception of the College of Education in August 2, 1971 with three (3) Academic Staff and one (1) Laboratory Assistant to prepare students for the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) Programme. The first batch of NCE students was sixteen (16) in number and graduated in 1974. The Department started the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programmein 1981 with seven (7) students who did the Post NCE course. These students graduated in 1983.                                                    .

Presently, the Department of Chemistry has two well-equipped laboratories with competent lecturers. It also has skilled and devoted administrative and technical staffs that are always willing to assist students in their practical classes and teach them on how to make use of laboratory equipment.

The Department of Chemistry has at present over one hundred and fifty students. The recent boost in the number of admitted students into the Department could be attributed to the granting of autonomy and license to the Institution to operate as a University. Over the years, our students are known to be hard-working and disciplined and do not indulge in examination malpractice. I congratulate every student admitted into this Department and I wish that you make the best use of this opportunity. Every student should brace up to the challenges which lie ahead by addressing squarely the onerous task of pursuing his/her studies with vigor and ensure that he/she sails through the demands of the courses spelt out in this hand book.

Examination malpractice is not condoned in this Department: know that hard work is the key to success, no short cuts! On behalf of the staff and students of the Department, I welcome you to a successful time of studentship in the Department of Chemistry.


God Bless you

Head of Chemistry Department

lAUE, Rumuolumeni Port Harcourt.


The philosophy of the Department of Chemistry is to

  • Train professional Chemistry teachers for competency on their job and capable of developing inquiry and creative minds in teaching at different levels of Post Primary Educational Institution
  • Produce Chemistry teachers capable of training other people both in Applied and Natural Sciences.
  • Produce Chemistry teachers who will provide knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the physical world, the forms and the conduct of life at the secondary level of education
  • Produce Chemistry teachers (scientists) for national development


The objectives of Chemistry Department include:

  • To produce Chemistry teachers who are committed to the teaching profession.
  • To produce Chemistry teachers with the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship
  • To produce Chemistry teachers who have sound master of  chemistry problem, solving skills that would enable them to also work in the industry
  • To produce Chemistry teachers with proper leadership qualities that would enable them assume leadership positions successfully in future
  • To produce Chemistry teachers who can make rational judgments based on the understanding of methods in science
  • To produce Chemistry teachers with knowledge, skills and attitudes which would enable them to contribute effectively to the growth and development of their communities in particular and the society 'in general
  • To produce Chemistry teachers with practical, intellectual and professional background, adequate to enable them impart the knowledge to their students.
  • To produce Chemistry teachers who can pursue further studies either in Chemistry, Chemistry Education or any of the options in Education Foundations.


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