Department of English Language



The Department of English Studies started in 1975 with the responsibility of preparing students for the award of the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in what was then the Rivers State College of Education. It comprised two Departments: the Department of English Language and the Department of

The Department started its Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) programme in 1981 after the College was upgraded to a degree-awarding institution. In 1993, the two departments were merged into one Department of English.

The change of name from Department of English to the Department of English Studies took effect in 2009 with the new status of the institution as University of Education.



To be among the best Departments of English Studies in tertiary institutions in the country, and to produce graduates who would distinguish themselves anywhere in the world.


To attract and train high calibre students to become first-rate English Language and literary students, through the use of creative and conscientious staff who are committed to building a unique university of education in Nigeria, Africa and the world.


The philosophy of the programme is based on the fact that English is an official language, a second language as well as lingual Franca in Nigeria. It is also the language of instruction in the educational system. Therefore, high level of proficiency and competence in oral and written communication is expected from graduate of English. The graduates from the Department of English. Studies of this University should be clearly and positively identified with adequate proficiency in pronunciation, correctness of grammar, elegance in style and diction. They should also show mastery in the choice and appropriate varieties of English for various administrative and professional job opportunities available in the labour market. They should be able to function effectively in literary and creative writing domains.



The objectives of the programmes are as follows:

To train students to acquire adequate communicative competence in spoken and written English, thereby giving them a good grounding and effective mastery of language in its various applications.

To develop in the student in the ability to understand, analyze and discuss cortically any piece of literary writing by helping him/her to develop his/her own powers of written and oral expression in English language.

To provide the students with intellectual and professional background, adequate for their future assignment and to make them adaptable to any changing situation not only in the life of their country but in the world at large.

To equip students to teach effectively in aspect any of English language and literature at the secondary school level, teacher training college and institution of higher learning.

To demonstrate adequate preparedness for post-graduate studies in English Language, Linguistics, Literature and allied disciplines


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